China Angry and Nervous: Send Warplanes To New Air Defense Zone After U.S., Japan, S. Korea Incursions

China Cannot Wait Sending Warplanes To New Air Defense Zone After U.S., Japan, S. Korea Incursions. U.S. bombers challenged China’s recently established Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea.

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Flys Over Diaoyu Islands Photo

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Flys Over Diaoyu Islands Photo

Have you ever learn these?

US Bombers Challenge China’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

S.Korea and Japanese military planed fly over China air zone

Japanese military planes have flown into China’s new air zone

Taiwanese Animators Mock China’s Air-Defense ID Zone

Angry China Sends Warplanes To New Air Defense Zone After U.S., Japan, S. Korea Incursions

If the air defense zone is just putting on a show, without reacting to other countries provocative entry, then we’d be better off not setting it up, because it’s completely unnecessary. After the US, there comes South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. China, please get your gun loaded and ready to safeguard your land.

The South Korean military says it has flown its aircraft through China’s newly declared airspace. It said it did so without issuing prior notice, but the action drew no response from China.

China unilaterally declared the air defense identification zone over the East China Sea on Saturday. The area partly overlaps South Korea’s zone and includes a submerged rock that both countries claim jurisdiction over.

South Korean military sources say a navy P3C patrol aircraft left Jeju Island on Tuesday and flew over the disputed area as part of its regular twice-weekly patrol flights.

Seoul says it sees no need to submit flight plans to China as the zone was declared unilaterally.

South Korean government officials say the issue will be discussed during high level defense talks with China in Seoul on Thursday.

China has announced a new airspace identification zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea, demanding aircraft contact China and identify themselves before entering the space. For this it has drawn some international criticism, as the space overlaps with islands claimed and administered by Japan.

Correction: The US didn’t fly over Diaoyu islands – the B-52s were 200km away. In fact, the US didn’t even venture into the zone but merely glancing China’s ADIZ boundary. Since the ADIZ is not a no-fly zone, it’s really not a big deal. China can simply respond in kind and fly into Japan’s ADIZ with armed military planes. I’ll bet the ranch neither Japan nor the US will dare do anything – they haven’t done anything to Russian military planes that have flown inside American and Japanese ADIZ’s. Japan and the US haven’t voiced a complaint about Russia’s occupation of Japan’s northern islands, which in my opinion are now Russian property and territory forever. I think China and Russia should join force and take over Japan from the US if necessary. Without thousands and thousands of tactical nuclear warheads available to nuke US bases, CVN battle groups and Japanese cities several times over, the best Japan and the US can do is start another Cold War. But then the US is already bankrupt. War is a game for those with brains and money. Right now the US has neither.

Obama and Abe declared that Beijing will not shoot down civilian flights of Japanese and Japanese will fly as usual.

So you think China will shoot down Japanese flight?

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