China Auto Industry Needs to Endure Loneliness

Those Who Are Engaged in China Auto industry Need to Endure Loneliness

Spoken by Zhu Yanfeng, CEO of FAW Group, in Front of New Situations and Challenges.

By Qixi, CCTV Staff and Li Miaomiao, China Auto Herald Staff

China Auto industry Needs to Endure Loneliness. At the beginning of this year, the whole China auto market is involved in turbulence and impetuosity. People inside and outside this field seem to have a strong impulse, which can be properly summed in such words: “Since China has joined WTO, something shall be changed.” What shall we do, anyway? Most people are at a loss. What’s more, China car sales are in big trouble.

At this very moment, FAW Group, head of the domestic automobile industry advanced their measures, which implies that FAW will make many fundamental transitions in ideas and operations this year. In the FAW Marketing Conference held in Shanghai on January 31, Zhu Yanfeng, CEO of FAW who changed his early silence in the press, gave an interview to CCTV and China Auto Herald. He showed in his humorous speech that he, as one member of FAW, gave a serious and profound thinking to WTO, the development strategy of his group and unsettled auto market.

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