China real estate bubble: Monthly Salary 4K, Housing Loans 1M

China real estate bubble: Review on Dwelling narrowness. I have a monthly salary of RMB 4,000 yuan after taxes. How shall I live on if I take a housing loan of 1 million? I am a girl and reluctant to be bound by the bank debts and stay in one place for my whole life.

China real estate bubble

China real estate bubble

I live in Shanghai now. I have just graduated from a Chinese university this year and begun my career.

My monthly salary, however, is not high, though it is stable to some extent. My parents work in my hometown and their income is not that high either. Recently, my parents urge me to purchase a new house of my own. The house price all together will be RMB 1.7 million yuan and my parents promise to pay RMB 0.7 million yuan and I should pay for the remaining. Moreover, they consider to sell the house in our hometown if it is not enough. I am almost 25 years old and reluctant to sell the house that they live on. However, they believe that the house price will be higher and it is better to have a house of my own than to rent.

China real estate bubble is coming. Well, why should I live under such great a pressure? In the past, I want to make a living on my own and now I should pay for the interests, besides, I lose the interest in traveling. I am a girl and reluctant to be bound by the debts and stay in one place for my whole life. I am afraid that I will pay for the interests for the remaining year. Every time I think of it, I feel sorrowful. Monthly Salary 4K, 1 Million Housing Loan.

Review on China’s real estate embarrassment: Consultation and mutual aid. My monthly salary calculator after taxes is RMB4, 000 yuan. But I have a 1 million housing loan for a set of new house. How should I then live on?

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