Chinese Kung Fu Styles List

kung fu includes a lot of styles. This is the list of Kung Fu Styles.

1 – Shaolin (all styles that derive directly from Shaolin or train in Shaolin Spirit)

2 – Wing Chung (Vin Tzun)

3 – Wushu (all the modern acrobatic training)

4 – Long Fist (the so called traditional arts including Hung Gar, Choy Lee Fut, etc.,)

5 – Animal (Mantis, Monkey, 5 Animal, Dog Fist, etc.)

6 – tai chi (the so called internal styles including Hsing-I, Baqua, etc.)

7 – Traditional Chinese Weaponry (all the styles that focus predominantly on weaponry)

8 – Family Styles (Lau Gar, Li, Mok, Yue)

9 – Sanda (San Shoo, Freestyle, Zi Ran men)

10 – Chinese Wrestling (170 Moves Grappling, Chin Na, Shuai Chiao)

11 – Modern (Since 1900 the Boxer Rebellion, includes Jeet Kun Do, Zhuan Shu Kuan, China Fist Hua Quan)

12 – Chinese Medicine (Chi Kung or Qigong)

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