Chinese Tea culture – motherland of teas

Chinese Tea culture


China is the original place of teas and thus is called the “motherland of teas”.


The Chinese character “Cha” (tea) is seen in the earliest collections of poems in China. In ancient Chinese, tea means a kind of bitter vegetable. In Tang Dynasty, a scholar named Lu Yu wrote a book about tea, its name is the Scripture of Teas. It divides teas into all kinds of categories and types. The book is a landmark in the history of teas in China and it has great influence upon the tea culture of China. Famous teas in China include: Longjing of the West Lake: it’s green, with thick fragrance; it has both good flavor and shapes; Wuyi Yancha: it absorbs the cream of the mountain and it has the flavor of mountain rocks; Lushan Yuwu: its color is dark green and it has a long fragrant smell, it is called the tea of fairies.


Other famous teas include: Biluoxiang of Suzhou, Tiguanyin of Anxi etc.


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