Deities help mankind become gods

In the dictionary, the original meaning of “deity” is “a supernatural existence in religion, superstition or myth, with personality and human consciousness, being an illusory and distorted reflection of the external power in the human mind”, and its extended meanings are: “extraordinary, and unimaginable”, “an existence with limitless power”.

 Ancient people entrusted their god-becoming dream to the deity. Along with the gradual flaking of the garment of the deity and the complete smashing of its idol, the “god”-becoming dream was getting more and more unreal and unreliable.

 The deity in the eyes of the ancients is only illusory, not existent at all. No one has ever seen a deity coming to the secular world to help people become gods;However, the divine power of today’s “deities” may really amaze people,and what’s more, it can be controlled and used by mankind. Only by relying on the two “deities” of today can mankind have the hope to become gods.

In the past,Adam Smith called the market “an invisible hand”; Today,we call technology “an invisible head”.

 The two “deities” are: science and society.

 When we say science is a deity,it is not a compliment to science.

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