Dexter Writer Directs Singer Matt Mackey III’s Horror “Delusional” Video – Watch Now!

Vampires, BDSM, and Halloween horror take center stage in Delusional – Watch Now!

Dexter Writer Directs Matt Mackey III Delusional Video

Dexter Writer Directs Matt Mackey III Delusional Video

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Matt Mackey III just scored a big break from Dexter writer Tim Schlattmann.

Matt Mackey III is an up-and-coming singer from Maryland with an LA sound and Gaga-esque theatrical style and Tim Schlattmann is the acclaimed producer and writer of everyone’s favorite anti-hero saga, Dexter. It’s not hard to imagine how these two could team up for a killer combo and they did just that for Mackey’s new “Delusional” video.

Dexter Writer Directs Matt Mackey III’s Creepy “Delusional” Video – Watch Now!

The video starts with a familiar scene, a man in bed with his girlfriend. The girlfriend has a macabre style with sleeves of Gothic tattoos and Mackey’s got a sharp-edged look complimented by his astonishing vocal presence. Mackey slips into a nightmare though and finds himself seated in a pure white space at a table with the disembodied head of a baby at its end.

The video then slips into a familiar rendition of spooky-sexual themes at the intersections of vampires, blood-play, and BDSM. The vampire girlfriend tries to kill Mackey in a few different ways, choking him, scratching him, but it’s mostly pretty gentle. The real creep-factor comes in with the wine. There’s a glass of clear-ish liquid on the table that turns to blood a few times and because of the dream-like timeline of the video it’s hard to tell who’s drinking what and it adds a nice sense of tension to the story. Is Mackey a vampire now too? Who’s really got the bloodlust in the relationship?

The story reaches its peak when the tables have turned and Mackey is now choking the girlfriend. The mixed themes make it impossible to read what’s playful and what’s pernicious. Finally he wakes up and you’re sure it was all a dream, but he shakes his girlfriend and… she’s dead?

“Delusional” is a glam-pop haunted house for your Halloweekend spooktacular. Check out “Delusions” by Matt Mackey III below:

Source Credit: popdust

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