Exhibit & Trade Show Management: Planning for Asia International Agro Expo

Exhibit & Trade Show Management: Planning and Development of Asia International Agro Expo. Asian International Agriculture Fair will be jointly led and separately held. The organization committee of the fair will be set up on joint leadership.

Planning and Development of Asia International Agro Expo

I Asia International Agro Expo: Vision

It is of great significance to hold the Asian International Agriculture Fair. With the spirit of the relative conferences by ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea as guiding ideology, it will allsidedly exhibit the new products, technologies and achievements in agriculture of all Asian countries, and the cooperation, exchange and trade among Asian countries and between Asia and the rest of the world so as to improve the sustainable development of Asian agriculture.

Fair Subject: Cooperation & Development.

Planning of the Asian International Agriculture Fair

II Fair Content

1. Content of Exhibition: New achievements and technologies of agriculture, stockbreeding and fishery and other relative industries, such as machinery, chemical engineering and forage; new famous agricultural products and their further processed products; international advanced agricultural technology, machinery, equipment and other production means; agricultural high-tech technology and travel gardens; agricultural network, computer and information technology. For example, cultivation techniques, new breeds and fertilizers of crops, beast breeds, forage and additives, animal product processing, breeds of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers and their cultivation techniques, technologies and equipment of storing, processing, packing and fresh-keeping agricultural and sideline products, of processing fruits, and of producing and processing food and dairy products.

2. Trade, Cooperation and Exchange: The first Asian International Agriculture Fair will lay emphasis on the exchange and transfer of agricultural science and technology programs, ordering and trading of quality agricultural products, and cooperative introduction and investment promotion of agricultural project. Furthermore, the fair will supply agricultural enterprises of all countries with places in which project consulting and deal can be successfully made, so as to enjoy good economic benefits.

3. Asian International Consulting Meeting on Agricultural Technician Exchange and Investment Promotion: Content of the meeting includes forum on the senior level, exchange of agricultural talent and techniques, and consulting meeting of product trading. The meeting will discuss the developing directions and trends of Asian agriculture, bilateral cooperation of agricultures of Asian countries, and opportunities and challenges from WTO.

4. Awards Decision through Discussion: Awards Committee composed of agricultural agronomists of all countries will appraise products, techniques and projects, and will award gold medals, silver medals and copper medals to quality products, advanced techniques and outstanding projects.

III Duration and Address

Duration: October 26, 2012 – October 29, 2012

Address: Bangkok, Thailand

IV Organization and Leadership

2012’ Asian International Agriculture Fair will be jointly led and separately held. The organization committee of the fair will be set up on joint leadership. The fair will be chaired by the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand and the deputy directors undertaken by the leader of ministerial level assigned by every country. Under the leadership of its Ministry of Agriculture, every country should organize delegation to take part in the fair.

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