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        I have got hold of an extremely wonderful book, The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping.

  Why is it called “The Second Declaration”? Wang Xiaoping says there are two declarations in mankind’s history.

       The first declaration is to declare where mankind came from. In order to survive and develop in the threat of natural calamities and fierce animals, the ancient apes cast off trammels, realized a leap in life and evolved into human beings. Labor has created mankind. In 1859, Darwin published his Origin of Species,declaring that mankind is a result of evolution from the ape.

        The second declaration is to declare where mankind is going. After apes evolved into mankind, mankind improved the instruments of production constantly,boosted the revolutions of science and technology,and opened up our civilization. However, humans have not completely cast off their bestiality,selfishness, avarice and cruelty, technology has been used for mutual killing, and such mutual killing is getting from bad to worse, mankind is already in a crisis in which it can destroy itself at any time. In order to survive,develop and shake off crises,humans have been groping for the objective laws of development. Now mankind is already able to control and master its own evolution,to realize new breakthroughs in life. Wang Xiaoping’s The Second Declaration declares that mankind will evolve into immortals. Technology will create immortals.

  Humans will evolve into immortals, is that not absurd?
 No. Originally, the pursuit for becoming immortal is people’s beautiful dream for thousands of years. The Chinese people have created countless moving stories about becoming immortals. In ancient China, Zhuangzi, Guangchengzi and The Yellow Emperor took longevity as the supreme Dao (Way). People also described dead persons as “going westward by a crane”, namely, becoming immortals. Not all fine wishes are absurd. The tale of “Chang’e (goddess in the moon) going to the moon” has been turned into reality for quite a long time, humans have already set foot on the moon,and now we are flying farther: to the Mars, and to even farther stars. Since the tale of “Chang’e going to the moon” can be turned to reality,why cannot Qin Shihuang (First Emperor of Qin Dynasty) ‘s dream of eternal living come true? Wang Xiaoping points out,in a wide view of the life span history of mankind,along with mankind’s advancement,people’s life span has been advancing all the time, too. In the bronze ware period characterized by low productive forces 4000 year ago, people’s average lifetime was only 18 years,and in the ancient Roman era, it was 23-25 years. The average life-spans of different periods of China are like this: 18 in the Xia and Shang Dynasties, 20 in the Qin and Han Dynasties, 22 in the East Han Dynasty, 27 in the Tang Dynasty, 33 in the Qing Dynasty, 35 in Republic of China; in 1985 it already reached 68, and in 2000 it reached 71. Chinese people’s life span has been prolonged by more than one time in the short period of 50 years after the establishment of New China. Some present-day scientists have declared,it is no dream for people’s life span to reach 1200.

  Dreams are so attractive,but real life is full of bitterness and sufferings. A prince in ancient India called “Sakyamuni”,saw so many people suffering, thus, he made up his mind to save mankind from tribulation, and founded Buddhism, telling people to place their hopes for happiness on the great Beyond. All the major religions in the world, such as Christianity, Islam and China’s Taoism, contain the wish to shake off tribulation and live like gods. The great historian of England, Arnold J.Toynbee, finally returned to religion to seek solutions after extensive study on mankind’s history of sufferings and mutual killing. Mao Zedong, extolled by the Chinese People as a great leader but only wishing to be a teacher himself, taught us as early as 70 years ago: “Mankind will also perish. The reason for mankind’s perish is that there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, which will represent a higher stage of development.” But what is the higher stage of development? Mao Zedong did not offer any explanation.

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