Finding allies – friends in high places

Finding allies

All teams need friends in high places. These may include:

a decision maker – a top executive
an influencer – who has the ear of senior managers
a player – whose own work depends on your team’s performance
a consent-giver – an individual whose consent is needed for key purposes
a sponsor – who will influence other supporters if they fail to help you.
An effective set of allies will help your team to:
develop a good image within the organisation (an extension of your role as ambassador)
be sure its work aligns with the goals of the organisation as a whole
get it’s work done by ensuring decisions are made and resources are made available.
The higher-placed a team’s allies, the better the chance of success for the team.
Heller (1998)

Now do this

Consider your team’s supporters and the roles they play, and whether you need to seek more support.
List the current ‘external’ supporters of your team Note the type(s) of support each one provides   
You may have additional support roles to the ones we gave above.
Is this enough?
[space to write 2 lines]
If not, what additional support does your team need?
[space to write 2 lines]

Who could provide this?
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