First Industry: Human-centered Industry

The human-centered industry includes culture industry, education industry, eugenics industry, life industry and so on.

What does the human-centered industry produce?

It produces humans, consummate human beings!

Human production is the most fundamental production of all productions, and the human-centered industry is the most fundamental industry of all industries. The human-centered industry is the foreground in future economy. Hence,the human-centered industry is the first industry.

Today, people have already reached the consensus that the education industry is an industry for human reproduction. Moreover, the culture industry is also an industry for human reproduction. Culture can change a person’ thought, concept and soul,thereby changing everything of the person.

The eugenics industry is optimization of human production. The life products and health products turned out from the life industry may optimize human health and life so that a person’s life quality and survival time can become optimal, thus, they naturally belong to the category of human production.

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