Forbidden City – Palace Museum of royal palace of China Ming and Qing Dynasties

Forbidden City – The Palace Museum of  the royal palace of China Ming and Qing Dynasties

The ancient name of the Palace Museum was “the Forbidden City”. It was the royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Taihe Hall is one of the three halls in the Palace Museum; together with Zhonghe Hall and Baohe Hall, they form the shape like a Chinese character “土”(soil). Taihe Hall is a double-eaved-roof building, which represents the highest rank in ancient China. The color within the hall is mainly yellow; the decorations in it were mainly dragons; because it is so resplendent and magnificent, people also call it “the throne room”. It is the most solemn, most mighty, and the most splendid part of the Palace Museum. Giant cypress trees stand straight; some trees connect together and add more mysterious air to the Palace Museum.

The Louvre one of the greatest royal buildings in France. Through the modification and enlargement from Richard V to Louis VVIV, it becomes a magnificent construction premises; the buildings in it are quite magnificent. Now it belongs to the National Art Gallery of France. It keeps the masterpieces and works of artists of the 17th century and the Renaissance period. Among them, there are “the goddess of victory:, “slave” of Michilongkileo; Mona Lisa, Saint Mother amidst rocks by Leonardo D.V., and the goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

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