Force Qmail Process Queue: How to make qmail process outbound queue

Force qmail to Process Queue Instantly: How to force qmail to process the outbound queue immediately. Many website owners are tortured by an internet outage or Reverse DNS lookup problems.

My qmail does not want to process the queue. How can I start it to prcoess it immediatly? I read something about to the the alrm signal to the qmail-send process, but on hsphere there is not this process.

Exchange Mail Delay Delivery: I’m also having problem with delay in mails. i checked mail queue and it is huuuuuge. Most of the mail in queue are mailer daemons how to find the root of the issue. i have blocked certain ips and domain but still the problem exists. I really need to overcome this situation as it is becoming a major issue with my mail server port.

If anything it should speed things up. Turning userchk on, if I’m not mistaken, will prevent your mail server from accepting messages for addresses on your system that don’t exist (typically spam). That saves the processing time of accepting the full message and all the time wasted trying to send a bounce to a bogus return address.

Once the existing messages in your queue either get delivered or reach the end of their lifetime you should be in good shape. If you want to get rid of all those undeliverable messages stuck in the queue quickly, try changing the queue lifetime to 60 minutes. Wait an hour, and then check back. The queue should be back to more reasonable numbers and you can set the queue lifetime back to a few days.

How to force qmail to process all messages in queue immediately? If you have an internet outage or DNS problems, the qmail’s outbound queue will start to fill up. This is how to force it to process immediately.

If you send ALRM signal to the qmail-send process, Qmail will try to process all messages in queue again immediately.

# ps ax | grep qmail-send
# kill -ALRM [pid_number]

Resolution to Qmail Process Queue

The qmail utility programs are all in /var/qmail/bin.
Use qmail-qstat and/or qmail-qread to see that there are actually messages in the queue.
Run qmail-tcpok
Run ps axl and find the process id (PID) for qmail-send
Run kill -s ALRM pid

OK now, Qmail will start processing the queue instantly. So this is the way how to force gmail to process queue immediately. Any different idea or view?

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