Fundamental quantum leaps in technology

All kinds of fundamental quantum leaps in technology,such as multi-media technology, Internet technology, nanometer technology, gene technology, have come so suddenly;Especially some scientists have announced: “Judging from the progress of gene deciphering, before the year 2030,mankind will be able to master the gene that controls aging so as to prolong man’s life and realize the wish to live a thousand years or even an eternal life”. That is perhaps the greatest surprise to most people.

 Our time is the greatest revolutionary era throughout history, with unprecedentedly great revolutions, and the speed of revolution is getting faster and faster, making people feel many changes have come too suddenly. The great change in East Europe and the great change in the former USSR were so sudden;The storm of globalization is so sudden.

In viewing the all sorts of great changes in the world, we feel deeply that our time has entered an era of 100 times, 1000 times or 10000 times of speedup, entered an era in which “ten years in our time exceeds the past 100 thousand years”, or an era of marvelous leaps in the world, an era for high technology to show its invincible might, an era for great explosion of human power.

Truth is the daughter of time and the daughter of the era. If possible,go ahead of the time;If not possible, never lag behind it.

Everything must be put into such a time background to think and judge.

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