Gene technology may benefit the whole world greatly, but may also mislead all human beings to hell

Gene technology may benefit the whole world greatly, but may also mislead all human beings to hell. What I want to study and expound is meant to point out the direction and road for mankind’s progress, to help mankind wake to the greatest common interest, so as to join up to make concerted efforts to use the divine power of high technology to ‘evolve consciously’, to avoid “going down direct to Hell”, avoid the ‘doomsday’, instead, to ‘go up direct to Heaven”, to create a peaceful world for all generations, and use this book to enlighten mankind, enlighten the society, and enlighten the whole world.” Hearing Wang Xiaoping’s words, I really dare not believe, such great ideas should come out of the mouth of a 21-year-old girl. Moreover, Wang Xiaoping’s argument is more shocking. She gives the book a very sonorous name: “The Second Declaration”. In Wang Xiaoping’s eyes, mankind has had two declarations so far: The first was to declare where mankind came from, and the second is to pronounce where mankind is going to. Darwin‘s “Mankind evolved from apes” has answered the first question, being mankind’s first declaration. However, clarifying “Where mankind is going to” is more important than clarifying “Where mankind came from”.After The Second Declaration was published, someone said Wang Xiaoping wanted to be China‘s Toffler. But Wang Xiaoping told our reporter: “I don’t want to be China‘s Toffler, but want to transcend Toffler. Toffler chiefly studied the future society and the future economy, but did little study on mankind’s own future. However, the most important is the study on mankind itself. Everything should center around humans, both social development and economical development are for human development, and both future economy and future society should submit to and serve the future mankind. Hence, I fix my focus on the study on human future.” In comparison with Toffler’s Third Wave, Wang Xiaoping’s The Second Declaration has not only put forward the five megatrends in future economy development, such as life economy, eternal life economy, pleasure economy, human-centered economy and universe economy, but also proposed the corresponding economic theories: the new industry theory transcending the traditional industry theory, and the new productive force theory transcending the traditional productive force theory. None of those are covered in Toffler’s study on future economy. When we asked Wang Xiaoping how she looked on her success,She said: “I have won both applause and acclamation, but the applause and acclamation are for the past, I won’t seek pleasure from retrospect to the past, but will work even harder to create my future! I like a saying by Gandhi very much: ‘The future depends on what we are doing now’.”

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