Gene Therapy:Permanent Cure – Temporary Relief of Symptoms

People realized a fact not long ago,  all human diseases are gene diseases. Besides single gene diseases, there are polygene diseases,such as:malignant tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, mental diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, immunological disease and so on. Moreover,there are acquired gene diseases derived from the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms into the human body, such as AIDS, hepatitis B, tuberculosis and so on. Nearly all diseases are heavily under the yoke of genetic gene. So long as we master the secrets of the gene and hence make some simple modification of the gene, we may cure completely many pertinacious diseases or incurable diseases in modern medicine, such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, hypertension and so on. We have good reason to believe, by further reconstruction of the gene, it is possible to enable people to live forever. Scientists have drawn such a picture for us:The doctor records the person’s gene map on a CD. In diagnosing,the doctor first reads the CD,just by comparing your gene with the normal gene map, he will find out your disease. Then he checks several possible “candidate genes”,and clarifies the key areas and key locations;Then, he will decide on a proper solution. Owing to different “conditions” of the genome, some kind of drug is effective on some people, but is not effective on others, or even will endanger the life. In accordance with the individual variations,the doctor can suggest an individualized “wonder drug”.

Since the 1970’s,mankind has spent more money in research on diseases than ever before. USA spent a huge amount of money in a tumor program,but its effects were not good. Later, people found that many human diseases such as cancer and so on are directly or indirectly related to gene.

 The above is a low-leveled gene treatment,and the more veritable “gene therapy” is to send the disease curing gene directly into the human cell to give play to its curing effect, that is, to cure the disease directly according to the disease causing gene. There are many ways to send the gene into the human body. There is a “gene gun”, which is like a gun, whose bullet is made of gold, very very small, so small as to be able to get into the cell and then be spat out. It can stick to the “curing cell” and get into the cell, and after being ejected out by the cell, the “curing carrier” will stay inside. In this way, by shooting a “gene bullet” into you to change your disease causing gene,your disease can be cured by the root.

 If we say all the past therapies only “provide temporary relief of symptoms”,then,what gene therapy does is “to offer a permanent cure”. Genetics has shown as many as 6500 inherited diseases are caused by single gene defect, and by using the gene therapy to implant the related gene, we shall overcome many incurable diseases of mankind. The gene therapy has boosted medicine to a new prospect. Hence,gene therapy is called “the fourth revolution” in mankind’s medical treatment history.

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