Grand Buddha Pagoda – Upper and Lower Wutun Temple

Guo Ma Ri Village of Nian Du Hu Town is located five kilometers away from north of Longwu Town, dominated by Tu nationality.

Guo Ma Ri Temple of the village was initiated in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, with Grand Lecture Hall, Mass Hall and Warrior Hall built. time Cycle Pagoda built in January of 1994 is 30m high, the highest pagoda in Qinghai Province with five floors which can be climbed by step along the winding escalator within. The wall of the pagoda is carved with Buddha, Guanyin and thirty-five Tray Buddha. Around the main pagoda are several small pagodas, with halls set up on the top. The pagodas are of tight building structure with novel, unique and elegant layout, a full display of the wisdom and intelligence of the artists of Tibetan Buddhism.

Looking afar, the pagoda is gigantic, huge and magnificent, which is another ideal sightseeing scene of Regong, the town of arts.

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