Great success education believes that every one could be in Great success

Great success education holds that only merging above eight items of education into our education system, we can train full development man.

Following it continues about potential development.

Great success education believes that every one could be in Great success. Why is it? For everyone has great potentials, which is the basic point of Great success education.

As to potentials, there is a real story:

There was a tomato in a technology Expo in 1985, which was very special. We all know that a common tomato could grow tens of tomato fruit maximally, but how many fruits this tomato grew? It is likely unimaginable…… more than 10,000! One extending leaf of it could cover the total expo place! So touched. What is more speculative is this tomato was once common, it just adopted another planting way: hydroponics. How large the potential is!

We all are like the tomato that does not develop fully. Every one of us has great potentials. But what regret is these potentials are not fully developed. Therefore, when we summarized already-gone 20 century, psychological professors in Fullerton College of America said “the biggest tragedy of 20 century is not the horrible earthquake, not the war, even not the bomb in Hiroshima, but that many people live and die, and never realize they have great potentials.” Who do this work? I think this is the mission of education. What Great success education does is to develop potentials of man, and make them sublime to be real capabilities and actual skills.

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