Singer actor Gui Gui falls in love, Aaron Yan flattered Frightening

Iflove News Agency: Gui Gui in love (?); Aaron Yan extremely flattered making him scared

Gui Gui in love with Aaron Yan (?), talks also a lot of nonsense, dreaming that she had to married with him, let Aaron greatly spits the trough!(?)

Eight big idols plays in the drama 霹靂MIT/Pi Li MIT, after the incident and the new year of Julian (楊士萱), but because of that their work suspended more than 2 weeks. Gui Gui and Aaron Yan haven’t see each other during the suspension. When the suspension was over, they had to get back to their work. When Gui Gui saw Aaron Yan appear in the studio, she ran to him like an arrow and shout: ‘’A Bu! (Aaron’s nickname), long time no see!’’ Enthusiasm to the extent made Aaron felt flattered, both have the opportunity to embrace their hands approached. The staff on the side talks whispering: ‘’Their relationship is gone to this degree?’’

They are knocking on the happiness bell

The place where they were filming had a happiness bell, Aaron and Gui Gui were bored and stepped forward and knocked the bell while they were looking at it. The staff on the side frightened them with: ’’To knock means to marry!’’ Gui Gui said to Aaron Yan: ‘’I want to honeymoon in Greece.’’ Aaron Yan replied: ’’But I want to go to Venice!’’ Gui Gui replied: ‘’No, you have to follow my intention!’’ Aaron Yan did not know to laugh or to cry when he was laughing ironically.

Female sends the dream to have to marry; Male teasing that it will never happen

Gui Gui talking endless: ’’I’m 19 now, fortune teller said I’ll marry when I’m 24 years old, the time that I’ll be 24. you’ll be 27 years old. So I have to wait 5 years till I’ll marry.’’ Aaron Yan couldn’t stop to turn the supercilious look and said angry and funny to Gui Gui: ‘’She don’t have to dream no more, in short this will never happen!’’

awww thats so cute!! ♥ arron!!
wait was he joking or was he really mad at the end??
’’ Aaron Yan couldn’t stop to turn the supercilious look and said angry and funny to Gui Gui: ‘’She don’t have to dream no more, in short this will never happen!’’
She is just 19 and she’s already thinking about marriage? Anyways, they are so cute together, the perfect match

I guess he was a little mad about that she said all these things, but not too mad? And that she sounded funny?! seems like gui gui gets along w/ everyone and misses the people on the drama team too..! hehehe..her and arron’s friendship has become pretty well despite all the criticisms of accusing her to be the “female lead” and how netizens “hated” her…i won’t do that cuz i think acting skills are more important than anything so it would not matter who’s in the drama…

aww…that’s so cute. They look really good together. ooh what if they really do get married in real life?? that would be so awesome. okay. done with that little dream
but I really want to meet gui gui someday. she seems like a really cool person.arron’s reply is so funny. it will never happen that means that he doesnt like gui gui in any kind of way. so arron is still safe from being taken.

ahh yes! finally the GuiLun articles are posted here! it’s about time XD
and this translation is very well done! good job.

GuiGui always love to do unexpected actions or things de..
Its kinda of impossible.. Aaron did a great job!! Hehe..
puh-lease…cm’on…i think they are really make a cute on-screen couple even i’m not rooting them 2 be together in real life but nobody know what going 2 be happen in da future plus they are still young.i believe aaron make that statement in angry+joke way…i’m support this drama…even i’m not huge fan of guilun…

plz…ask her not to daydream anyway i dun admire any to the nine girls band there r too artificial

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