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High power led lighting wholesale distributor recommended: led lights, fixtures & accessories wholesale and distribution

Beijing Mini Culture Technology Co., Ltd, China’s LED Lighting Solutions. A leading manufacturer and supplier of custom LED lighting solutions that strives to exceed the expectations of our commercial clients aesthetic LED lighting goals.

Our mission is to provide high quality, energy efficient products, outstanding customer service and save our customers energy with environmentally friendly lighting. Also to provide education for businesses, municipalities and our community about high efficiency, environmentally friendly, lighting solutions.

We supply product to and consult Architects/Designers/Installers on how to implement our LED lighting to increase their projects sustainability and develop highly aesthetic customized LED lighting solutions.

We also offer cost effective, energy efficient LUXEON LEDs, optical solutions, power modules and ICs, passive and active thermal solutions, light engines, modular systems, planar lighting and remote phosphor technologies.

In addition to our wide range of LED products, we specialize in manufacturing custom Illumination LED Light Panels. As a thin back light solution, our dimmable, edge lit, CREE LED Light Panels are manufactured to have the brightest, even illumination available on the market. Our Illumination LED Light Panels are a sustainable and aesthetic alternative to traditional fluorescent light boxes utilized to evenly illuminate any translucent material to produce dynamic, beautifully backlit and original, sustainable designs.

For information on LED lights sales contact actormovie@gmail.com. Lowest price, best quality, sale assurance.

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