How China’s Consumers Spend Their Money?

How China’s rich spend their money? What Do the Chinese People Spend Money On? Read below the 5 Astonishing Ways Chinese Spend Their Money Like Crazy.

How Chinese Rich People Spend Their Money?

How do you think the Chinese relate to money?

– Is the culture of ‘living within one’s means’ still predominant?
– Is it still looked up to? or is it considered old-fashioned to be debt free?
– Is the generation in the age group of 35-65 or older very different from the younger set? Do they still save and then buy or buy and then pay with interest for the comforts of life – appliances, cars, houses?
– What are the levels of personal debt (as a percentage of yearly income) on the average?
– Do people prefer to borrow from family and repay or from banks and outside lenders?

Balancing income and consumption is the basic reality in folks‘ daily lives,former,income is the precondition dominating people’s economic activities. Look into China Rich List.

But recent years,as housing reform,new privat car buying and private SME starts up booming,etc. this scenario has gotten a little change,but once you ask one person what the feeling is when he borrowed or takes credits from banking for realize above mentioned consuming,he absolutely will tell you。“hey,buddy,not so playful…”

What do you think of the recent changes and changes to come in China regarding personal finances? How China’s Consumers Spend Their Money? Will China’s Consumers Save the World Economy?

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