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How to Teach Youself Chinese Kung Fu Martial Arts Online

Chinese Kung Fu is one of the most popular forms of martial arts. Kung Fu is mainly for self defense. All that stuff about meditation and spirit animals and any stuff involving magic is crap. If you want to know how to do it, just sit your behind down and listen up.

Kung Fu masters, like many others who are proficient in their training and have achieved the highest black belt designations, often say they are never through with training. They teach to share their love of the art.

Step 1 Teach when you feel you are ready to share what you’ve learned. There are no licenses or degrees that you must legally hold to begin your teaching career. The best Kung Fu teachers, who command respect from their students and are recognized in the Kung Fu community, are humble men who continue to work on improving their own mastery over the traditions.

Step 2 Let your current teacher know that you are interested in teaching Kung Fu. He can tailor some of your training toward that goal and sponsor your efforts. You can rely on his judgment to let you know when you may be ready to share your knowledge and experience with others. He may even let you serve for a time as an apprentice.

Step 3 Look for a position at a current martial arts center. There are both Kung Fu schools and mixed martial arts centers that continually look for dedicated teachers. You will have to prove your training and your belt status if you work for someone else. Your lineage is also important to many Kung Fu followers. They will want to know who trained your trainer and who trained him, and so on.

Step 4 Open you own studio if you have the resources. You can set the tone for the kind of studio that you want to run. You can decide what kinds of Kung Fu styles you will adhere to and if you will include mixed martial arts training in your center. You can use your lineage, or your standing among Kung Fu competitors as a draw to get students.

Also netizens gives the following information on Chinese Kung Fu learning:

1. First, you have to be in pretty decent shape to fight. Don’t expect to be doing back flips if your favorite pastime is loafing around with a bag of chips, watching re-runs of Star Trek, if you know what I’m saying.

2. When you fight, try to use your feet as much as you use your hands. Unleash the full potential of your limbs.

3. A key skill in hand to hand combat is jumping. “But how do you jump around like bruce Lee does?” You may ask. Well, you might try the method on one New Zealander. He dug a 3 ft deep hole and practiced jumping in and out of it. Over time he dug deeper and, little by little, he turned into a humanoid kangaroo. If he can jump six ft straight up, you might want to give it a go.

4. Do the actual training. If you have to take steroids, you aren’t realy a kung fu artist.

5. Do not be afraid to back down, if necessary. A live dog is more valuable than a dead tiger.

6. Play dirty if you have to.

7. If you are going for a mentor, some may choose a mellow one over a strict one. But if your mentor tells you your good when your not, you will get destroyed in a REAL fight. So sometimes, its better to be told that you suck at something.
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Kung Fu Warnings: Step 3 has never been proven, and could result in serious and/or fatal injury. Have fun!