Human is God, or more precisely, capable people is God

Human is God, or more precisely, capable people is God. The capability of human is the embodiment of human’s essential strength and is also the main essential character of human. Marx had definitely pointed out that “the value of human is concealed in capability”. The body of human is worthless, not matter how large or big the human body is, and the composition elements of the body are only that dozens of chemical elements. If we have the human body been extracted and make it into commodities, which only will be 7 pieces of soap(fat), 22 boxes of matches (phosphor), a nail (iron), 20 pound of coke, a small spoon of sulfur, 1 ounce of non-ferrous metals and the lime that shall brush a room……. Adding them up, those things only value about 10 Yuan, which is not valuable than a sheep. So the difference between people mainly is the difference of capability. Philosopher Confucius said that “gentleman’s disease is incapability.” For gentleman, the most horrified thing is incapability that means worthless. Because capability is fundamental and important, Mao Zedong called capability panic as the most horrified panic. If there is panic in capability, all the panic will come together. If people have the strong capability, any other panics are not panic at all. Marx, Confucius and Mao Zedong have the same opinions about this thought. They all focus on one point—human’s capability. People’s capability decides success and failure. The capable people are the masters of career and destiny. When Liu Bang talked with his followers about the way of success, he said: “for planning a decision of getting a victory in a thousand miles away, I am not better than Zhang Liang; for managing the country, comforting the people, imparting money and not breaking off the way of grain, I am not better than Xiao He; for leading 1 million people to fight the battle and win attacks, I am not better than Han Xin. These three people are all the heroes. I shall use them, so I shall govern the whole country.”                                                        

He said that he was not depending on this or that; he just depended on people, the three people with high capability. He uses Zhang Liang’s outstanding strategic capability, Xia He’s excellent governing capability and Han Xin’s incomparable leading capability. So this is the key why he can win Chu King who had the strong power. Liu Bang really is wise! He looked more important on capable people. Getting capability shall get the whole country! By this understaning, could not the whole country belong to him?

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