Immortal represents a leap of mankind

 If mankind wants to evolve into immortals

Immortal represents a leap of mankind, being the most ideal superhuman without aging or death, omniscient and omnipotent, extremely benevolent and beautiful, living an extremely happy life all day long. If we use a formula to express it, it is like this:

 “Immortal” = living forever + omniscient and omnipotent + supreme virtue and beauty + daylong ecstasy (ultimate goal)

 “Immortal” = super longevity + super high intelligence + super kindness + super beauty + super joy (present goal)

 If mankind wants to evolve into immortals, first of all, we must let everyone grow in a super way in all aspects. First, we should realize “Everyone is like Peng Zu (in longevity)”, “Everyone is like Kong Ming (in wisdom)”, “Everyone is like Yao and Shun (in virtue)”, “Everyone is like Xi Shi (in beauty)”, and “Everyone is like Meitreya (in virtue and beauty)”. Of course, “super” is a relative concept. For example, in “super longevity”, let alone 800 years as Peng Zu, if we can reach the “200 years of life” mentioned by Mao Zedong, it is also the key first step in mankind’s evolution to immortals.

 The transition from apes to mankind was a result of natural evolution through competition and natural selection, but the transition from mankind to immortals will be a result of evolution dominated by mankind itself through science and technology.

 As we know, living forever and becoming “a god” is a fantasy of all ages. But we are also clear: science and fantasy are interrelated to each other: fantasy may activate science while science may realize fantasy. Fantasy is a midwife of science, and fantasy can be realized only by science. Let’s see:How many of mythic fantasies in Fengshen Yanyi (Tales of Gods and Ghosts) and Pilgrimage to the West have not been realized by means of science? Isn’t the present world just a mythic world of the old time? Qitian Dasheng (Mahatma As Higher As Heaven) Sun Wukong could fly 108,000 miles in one somersault, but now an American ordinary citizen has already been able to ride the rocket to roam the outer space, and before long, everyone may take a “trip to the outer space”;Sun Wukong could get into the belly of Iron-fan Princess, but the nanometer technology will be able to make a micro robot very soon that can get into your blood vessel to do operation for you…

Who was so powerful as to let “gods” walk down the altar? Who can enable mankind evolve into immortals? Without question, it is technology!

 If we say labor created mankind, then we may say technology will create immortals. However, what is more important than technology is the human. The reason is: “To achieve all these, the key does not lie in technology, but lies in the human, lies in whether we humans will work this way. Technology is like the kite, and it can fly higher and higher;But we should not neglect the holder of the line is man, and only he is the real master of the kite. Finally, technology will return to the hands of humans.”

 We must be very clear and specially clarify this point: in achieving the eternal living, omniscience and omnipotence, supreme kindness, supreme beauty, and daylong ecstasy, the key is not technology (technology is already moving to that goal), but is “whether man will work towards the goal”. So long as we make efforts to that goal, “gods” will certainly step down the altar.

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