Investment in Science for Human Being to Become Gods

In the whole society and the whole world, the investment in science is greatly different from that in military affairs and war: the difference is so great as if between sky and sea. In 2004, the military expenditures all over the world exceeded one trillion US$,whereas the total investment in the genome project in one decade was only 3 billion US$ although this project is so important to mankind’s bright future. The former is destructive investment to mankind;The latter is an investment that will greatly benefit mankind.

The laughable thing is: the investment in the former should be thousands of times of that in the latter! If we did general and complete disarmament so as to save about one trillion dollars each year and saved more money consumed in unreasonable high cost of living and high waste, then used all such money in high technology, especially for research in life sciences, and united all the forces of the world to tackle key problems,then, the breakthroughs in life sciences would surely have been thousands or millions of times of the present ones! Would we need to worry about the inability to realize the great dream of becoming gods?

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