Key Points to Improve Cooperative Learning Strategies

How to improve cooperative learning strategies? This is a question that my collegues and I always want to answer.

Actually we’re discussing on teaching and learning methods. In our teaching and learning, we always make a choice or choices. Learning Together and/or Alone?

This article presents an overview of cooperative learning, details the uses for cooperative learning, integrates cooperative learning with competitive and individualistic learning, and suggests techniques for managing cooperative learning.

“If there is know-how for success, the know-how is to know other people’s stand, which means that we must have the skills to think about different things on the stands both of ourselves and others’,” the automobile king Ford said.

Similarly, if there is know-how for cooperation, then the know-how is to understand other people’s benefit, which means we must have the skills to deal with different profitable relations on the stands both of ourselves and others’.

In my future articles, we shall talk about how to improve cooperative learning strategies, and how to make a Balance between competitive and cooperative learning strategies.

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