Kung Fu Panda and Its Music Album released

Chinese kung fu Panda and Its music Album

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I have updated the site with “official translations” of the songs from World World World. Anyone who purchases the album will receive these lyrics with their copy 😀 Enjoy!

Romaji and kanji lyrics to come shortly! Some track names have also been updated on the site to reflect the names given with the official translations.

To new and old fans of AKG: “World World World” is now on sale! I highly recommend buying this album. I have written a detailed review of the album and included samples that you can listen to under “reviews”! Overall this album has great energy and some really cool songs like “Night Diving”, “Raika”, and “Atarashii Sekai”.

The album is doing very well in terms of sales. It has ranked #1 for the past two days, and has sold around 40,000 copies already. For more information on its ranking, sales, and reviews from Amazon and Excite, visit the “news” section 😀

Coming up in the next few days I will be adding lyrics from the album as well as scans of the album covers

“World World World” is now out! Please look forward to some great updates about the album on Thursday. In the meantime, make sure to order your copy….this is a great album!

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