Thorough liberation of mankind and overall development of human

We do not develop economy just for the sake of economic development, nor do we develop the society just for the sake of social development,but completely for the human. The purpose Marx stressed repeatedly from beginning to end is to realize “the thorough liberation of mankind and the overall development of the human”. In Marx’s eyes, the human has always been the purpose rather than the means.

Nevertheless,in the eyes of many Chinese, such a notion as “It is not easy to find a three-legged toad, but two-legged persons can be found everywhere” is still very popular. Such a notion results in overlooking of people’s life, people’s survival and people’s development. For example,the scholar of a local area doing AIDS investigation was dry-docked and deprived of his salary, because the local officials thought disclosing the AIDS condition of the place would affect the achievement in their post and damage the image of the government. Later, they showed a concern for AIDS, but it was not owing to their concern for the people, only because some scholar’s estimation worried the leadership of the department concerned:

Once AIDS got spread, would it affect the economic construction achievement since the reform and opening? Look, the standard of value of all things is the economic construction achievement,not people’s life and people’s sufferings. Isn’t it a saddening heterization of the purpose?

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