Loving Kindness and Hating Evil

Everyone loves kind and righteous people and hate villainous and evil people from the bottom of their hearts. Judging from people’s feelings in time of reading a novel, seeing a movie or watching a tv play, we can see, they hate maleficences extremely and love kindness extremely too. The actor playing the part of Huang Shiren (the despotic landlord) in the Chinese drama “White-haired Girl” was nearly shot down by an angry soldier in the audience. Such kind of tragedy also happened abroad. When an American was watching the Shakespearian tragedy “Othello”, he was so angered by the villainy of the dramatis personae that he raised his pistol and killed the actor. In the 1990’s, the kind-hearted figure Liu Huifang in TV brought tears to uncountable people all over China.

In the past, in the storytelling of “The Three Kingdoms”, when we heard how Liu Bei carried the day, everyone would feel cheerful, even small kids danced for joy;When hearing how Cao Cao played the bully, everyone would look angry and indignant. Although those cannot prove human natural propensity is kind, it may show everyone likes kindness and wishes others to be kind from their inherent nature.

Out of the self-benefiting nature of mankind, people also hope others are kind, which may make them feel safer, hence, people’s natural propensity is loving kindness and hating evil.

In ancient China, people’s requirement to their children was described as “not afraid they will not be wise enough, but only afraid they will not cultivate their virtue”. In the present period of social type transformation,many people have lost kindness and good faith. According to the scarcity principle,the more scarce something is, the more precious it will be. Kindness and good faith have already become the most scarce resources in our market economy,so, they seem to be specially valuable. Whether to an individual or an enterprise,credit or good faith is of extremely great value.

The more we long for success and great achievements,the more we should pay attention to credit and morality. In the near future,people will fully realize the power of kindness and the power of credit. Then,a high-leveled demand for kindness will appear certainly: longing to become very kind persons and holy persons, and longing for businesses to provide holy products and holy services. Holy services have the greatest power to win people’s hearts. So,the future economy will not only seek customer satisfaction,but also seek moving the customers. To move the customers from the heart is the goal of a high humanity enterprise, and is the development trend of future economy.

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