Luxury Travel Destinations: Top 10 Billionaire Playgrounds

What would you do if you won the lottery? Quit your job? See the world? It’s the topic of many daydreams, but for the lucky few, it’s a reality — a warm, lavish reality. We’re taking you across the globe to show you the private sanctuaries of the super-wealthy. The collection below is the best 10 getaways for the ultra-rich.

10. Palm Beach, Florida
Palm Beach features gorgeous weather year-round, extraordinary properties and beautiful, vast homes. While Donald Trump and John Kluge own homes in Palm Beach, those who are just visiting stay at The Breakers. The 140-acre oceanfront property has 36 holes of championship golf, 30 beach bungalows and cabanas, 5 pools and several spa and fitness centers.

Café Boulud at the Brazilian Court offers delicious French cuisine from renowned chef Daniel Boulud. The 2 elegant private dining rooms, accommodating 110 and 50 guests respectively, have become a must on the Palm Beach party circuit.

Donald Trump also created the oasis, Mar-a-Lago, one of the most decadent private clubs in the world. Seclusion and exclusivity come with a hefty price tag — $200,000 to join and up to $14,000 in annual fees will grant you access to the 20 acres of beach, swimming pools, salons and spas, tennis and croquet courts and 2 retail outlets.

9. Johannesburg, South Africa
The next stop for billionaire jet-setters is halfway around the world. Johannesburg is South Africa’s sparkling cosmopolitan paradise, better known as the “City of Gold.” The top choice for the ultra-rich to rest their heads before or after a safari is the Westcliff Hotel. One of the most unique features of this beautiful Tuscan-style getaway is the “pool with a view.” From its elevated location, you can do laps overlooking the zoological gardens, where springboks and elephants play.

After working up an appetite at the pool, guests can head to Auberge Michel, one of Johannesburg’s most famous restaurants and the first in the country to obtain a 5-star rating. The menu changes every 4 months, keeping their glitzy clientele coming back for more.

For those craving more traditional fare, Gramadoelas Restaurant is the place to eat and be seen. The Clintons, the Queen of England and the Queen of Denmark have all eaten at the restaurant featuring spicy indigenous African fare.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is synonymous with decadence, indulgence, luxury and, of course, money. For those with plenty to spare, there’s no better Vegas destination than the Wynn Resort and Casino. The wealthiest people in the world come to gamble, shop, dine and luxuriate at the Wynn, the only 5-star, 5-diamond resort in Las Vegas. In addition to their beautiful rooms, the Wynn is the only hotel with a golf course in the middle of the Strip. The Alex Restaurant, with a menu designed by Chef Alessandro Stratta, brings the flavor of the French Riviera to the Vegas Strip. And nothing beats the Wynn Esplanade for the finest in couture and luxury shopping — featuring stores like Dior, Chanel, Vuitton and de la Renta.

Billionaires seeking to take their game to serious heights head to The Palazzo Casino. Of course, they’re not sitting at the $15 tables; billionaires play their games of chance at the ultra-exclusive Paiza Club. The requirement for Paiza Club members is simply that they gamble a minimum of one million dollars per trip. If you wish to play and stay at The Palazzo, the Chairman’s Suite is a 3-bedroom, 4-bath suite that also boasts a massage room, media room, full gym and salon. You won’t find this suite on the market — it’s reserved strictly for high-end guests.

7. The Hamptons, New York
Well-known as the popular summer getaway for the New York City elite, the Hamptons mix a New England vibe with hip amenities beloved by New Yorkers. While the Hamptons do boast beautifully quaint beaches and a velvet-roped nightlife, when you’re a billionaire, it’s all about the house. If you don’t own property, one of the most exclusive luxury rental estates in the area is Stone Meadow Farm in East Hampton. Located on 8 acres, Stone Meadow Farm comprises a main house, a 2,000-square-foot guesthouse and a poolside bungalow. It’s where Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon went to celebrate after their recent wedding.

There are some hotel options in The Hamptons, and the cream of the crop is the historic 1770 House. Deluxe amenities at this house include lavish linens and robes, exquisite furnishings and gourmet dishes.

Of course, no billionaire’s vacation would be complete without a place to sip cocktails. In The Hamptons, take a ferry to Sunset Beach — the very high-class hotel featuring a watering hole where everyone wants to be seen.

6. The Maldives
This amazing collection of islands off the coast of India is one of the world’s hardest to reach playgrounds, but the trip is well worth it. Each island is a low-lying coral atoll, which translates to the classic idea of a desert island — a flat, sandy beach decorated with a few palm trees. One of the Maldives most exclusive resorts is the Conrad Hotel featuring water villas, 2 spas and 7 world-class restaurants — all surrounded by coral reefs and a lagoon. One of the hotel’s hallmarks is the Ithaa Restaurant, which actually sits 16 feet underwater with a glass-domed ceiling.

The Soneva Six Senses resorts offer billionaires the amenities they’ve grown accustomed to while providing an adventurous setting. The Soneva Gili and Soneva Fushi resorts feature sprawling overwater bungalows and posh tree-house-like suites, respectively.

5. Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, one of which is Wailea — a beautiful stretch that features the infamous Four Seasons. The hotel is set on one of the most beautiful stretches of beachfront property on the island and offers the legacy of Four Seasons’ luxury. Recently the hotel spent almost $50 million renovating all the rooms and suites, in addition to adding Duo Steak and Seafood to their list of award-winning restaurants.

The hotel’s Maile Suite is the most expensive suite on the whole island. For just $12,000 a night, you’ll enjoy a 5,000-square-foot suite with 3 bedrooms, 6 interconnecting porches and a eucalyptus shower.

4. St. Andrews, Scotland
Known as the birthplace of golf, this low-key hideaway is a favorite for billionaires, celebrities and even royalty. The Fairmont St. Andrews is an ideal spot to soak up the Scottish culture. Located on the coastline, the Fairmont has 209 guest bedrooms and 17 suites. The Kingdom of Fife suite is their signature suite, with a dining area that seats 10 and a balcony with stunning views of the Scottish coast. The hotel’s helipads make for easy access to the fabulously wealthy coming in via London.

Of course, the hotel’s restaurant, The Esperante, is one of the area’s finest. The Mediterranean-influenced menu uses the finest local ingredients and has an extensive wine list.

3. Sun Valley, Idaho
Sun Valley caters to billionaires with a love of the rustic outdoors. Located at the base of Bald Mountain, Sun Valley Lodge is one of the most beautiful historic properties in the town, not to mention home to world-class skiing. All the rooms are decorated in a French style and feature cozy fireplaces and all the finest amenities.

In the summer, the Sun Valley Lodge plays host to a Who’s Who of the Forbes 400. The Allen Conference attendees include names like Rupert Murdoch and Michael Eisner, who come for the media and investment conference housed at this ultra-luxurious lodge.

2. St. Tropez, The French Riviera
If Sun Valley is the ideal locale for a billionaire’s winter getaway, then St. Tropez is the ideal for summer. It features beautiful pristine beaches and the view of the charming town from port is absolutely breathtaking. Many St. Tropez visitors stay on their yachts, as the coastline has more than 800 mooring places. However the town’s signature hotel is Le Byblos Hotel. The hotel’s pool is legendary, and the rooms offer the best amenities that money can buy. Spoon at Byblos brings the best of Parisian dining to this summer paradise.

1. Mustique, The West Indies
The number-1 getaway for the ultra-rich is hidden in the eastern Caribbean. Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger both own homes here because the small island doesn’t have a large selection of hotel accommodations. Well-heeled visitors can rent villas for up to $55,000 a week — they come completely staffed with cooks, butlers and maids. Privacy is the name of the game in Mustique, therefore billionaires seek out the comforts of luxury hotels combined with the intimacy of a private residence.

At this premier destination for the rich, everybody’s somebody — and they can all be seen at Basil’s Bar. Here the rich and the richer mingle anonymously and everyone is just looking for a good time. Over the years, its 4 walls have hosted royalty like the Queen of England and Princess Margaret; movie stars like Denzel Washington and Michael Douglas; and business tycoons like Bill Gates.

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