Man Has Overcome Death and Live Forever

 Death is not the tragic fate of any unfortunate nation, but the common miserable fate of the whole mankind. The fear of death is not a special mentality of any nation,but the common mentality of the whole mankind.

 Nowadays,high and new science and technology have already offered the practical  possibility to conquer death gradually and get rid of the common tragedy of mankind. Yet,only by joining up and making concerted efforts can mankind defeat this enemy as soon as possible, achieve the limitless freedom of life and realize the highest interest of us all. A small interest will submit to a great interest naturally. When we are aware of the greatest self interest and mankind’s common interest,we shall certainly shake off the limitation of a narrow national interest, shall move from splitting towards joining certainly,and shall be of one mind and make concerted efforts certainly for becoming “gods” together.

 Pascall once described the condition of all people like this: “Let’s imagine, some people are executed under the very nose of others. Those who have survived see their own plight from their fellows’ fate, so they are full of grief but just look at each other in speechless despair, waiting for their own death. That is just a miniature of mankind’s condition.”

 Today,we are very rich in material. In a Western developed country, one big automobile factory’s annual output can meet the need of all countries in the world for one year. But we are still very poor in spirit, which has put the whole society into an unprecedented spiritual crisis. Even in USA., the most developed nation in the world,Nixon was also deeply worried about its spiritual crisis: “Today,our enemy is just inside us.

One and a half century ago,Alexis De Tocqueville already warned us: In USA,most people are addicted to materialism, lacking a lasting social cohesion force,the religions and philosophic thinking are shallow, and all these have resulted in a ‘new absolutism’, namely, mediocre, selfish and lack of ambition. Today’s USA will be threatened by such a new absolutism, unless it finds a common goal with a brand-new meaning again.” USA is so,and the whole world is no exception, either. A spiritual crisis can only be solved by a spiritual method. Only by helping mankind to find a “common goal with a brand-new meaning”, that is, becoming “gods” together,can mankind get out of the mental state characterized by “mediocre, selfish and lacking ambition”,change into a new mankind, and create a new world.

 A crisis also often leads to a favorable turn. Today’s heavy crisis can also become the greatest turning chance for mankind. So long as we can understand the common interest and common goal,peoples of all countries can unite together and work wonders for the future in one mind even if they are enemies like State Wu and State Yue.

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