Mankind at Dawn of Life Sciences

Bill Gates‘ slogan “Let each desk have a personal computer” has already begun to get old-fashioned, now, let’s put forward a new slogan that is full of revolutionary enthusiasm: “Let everyone be able to live forever”!

Fighting against death is mankind’s perpetual mission,being the most revolutionary great struggle of mankind since the ancient times. In order to seek eternal life, the ancients looked everywhere for health preserving arts, sought ways to cultivate themselves according to a religious doctrine, smelted red drugs, ransacked godly mountains, begged gods and Buddha… They have failed again and again, and the failures were very tragic.

After entering the 21st century, faced again with the ancient dream of “eternal life” that has spanned the whole history of mankind, we need to think in a new way:How on earth should we realize this matchlessly fine dream?

By begging gods or Buddha, we cannot realize it, and by relying on Heaven or Earth, we cannot realize it, either. Only by science can we realize it.

Technological development, especially the twilight of life sciences, has already shown frequently the great possibility of eternal life, although it is just at the beginning stage. For turning the possibility into reality, nothing remains but to make further efforts. Then,let’s take a look at some great developments in life sciences.
The great achievement in the human genome project is very exciting.

Human genome refers to the totaling of all the genetic information determining the human body’s birth, aging, illness and death. The purpose of the international human genome project is just to make clear all the gene ordering of human genomes and draw a picture for it. US scientist Dulbecco said: “Mankind’s DNA is mankind’s most essential information. All things in the human world are closely linked to this ordering.” The “human genome project” costing as much as 3 billion US$ is a great project comparable to the “Manhattan Project” or the “the Apollo program”. Today in the USA,even an ordinary taxi driver knows this grand plan of “using 3 billion US$ to subvert 3 billion nucleic acids”. When the whole picture is completed, the core secrets of human life will be disclosed to the world.

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