Mankind Has beautiful hair of Julia Roberts and lips of Demi Moore

 Do you wish to have the beautiful hair of Julia Roberts, the nose of Cleopatra, the eyes of Zhao Wei, the lips of Demi Moore, the stature of Marilyn Monroe, and the wisdom of Athene? You can realize that at your will. Even if you are as ugly as Quasimodo, you don’t need to feel sad. By a little of the gene, you may shape yourself into Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise.

Beauty is no longer a monopoly of the few, but has become a possibility for everyone. It will bring about another emancipation of women, and they will no longer need to worry about their age as a disadvantageous factor in competition with young girls. In 2000, the 65-year-old Sophia Roland defeated many young and pretty super models, becoming the “Belle of the Millennium”. Suchlike “grandma-typed belles” will be found everywhere in the future society. Anyone, regardless of the age, can make himself (herself) very attractive, and can change the look many times in a life, so as to be the ideal beauty all the time.

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