Mankind leap to immortals is greatest ideal

 Mao Zedong once wrote: “Believing a life of two hundred years, and thrashing water about for three thousand miles”. It shows his idealist and romantic mind. But in comparison,a “god” does not only have a “life of 200 years”,but lives forever and is merry forever, which is an idealism much greater and more romantic than Mao Zedong’s “life of 200 years”!

 An ideal is a dream, and greatness often results from dreams. Just think,if mankind has lost its dreams,what will the world be like? In viewing the history of science and the history of mankind,we could find such a truth: Without dream,there would be no scientific development and mankind’s progress.

 On the gate of US Kennedy Space Navigation Center, there is such a line of mankind’s oath: “So long as we can dream,we can turn it true.” Since Wan Hu’s dream to fly to the sky has already been realized, why can we not realize the dream of “becoming gods”?

 A romantic dream could generate a great ideal. The ancients’ dream about gods can be today’s great ideal for mankind. It will be the greatest, most splendid, most glorious and most precious ideal contributed by the Chinese nation to the people of the whole world!

 In the 21st century,the most important thing is not money, not resources,and even not technology,but the common ideal that can unite all the people in the world, namely, the ideal for mankind to leap to immortals. This is the greatest contribution of the Chinese nation to the world, and this contribution is much more valuable than the “Four Great Inventions” that our Chinese are so proud of.

 It is not enough to have a great ideal, and we must stand on the solid ground. Whether an ideal can be realized depends on whether its tie to the reality is tough. Only by closely combining the ideal with the real world can the ideal bear fruit. Thus, while crying up idealism, we should not forget the other pole, realism.

 Mankind’s leap to immortals is the greatest ideal in the world,and nothing is more perfect than this;Meanwhile it is also deeply rooted in reality, and deeply rooted in the hard soil of science that values reality and practice most. In the past,mankind’s dream to become immortal was a fantasy and daydream, and was unpractical. Today,for the first time in history, mankind’s highly developed modern technology has brought the possibility for mankind to become immortals;The economic globalization and global integration has made it probable to unite all the forces of mankind for realizing the common great goal of mankind: leaping to immortals.

 Idealism is great, and realism is great, too; the combination of both is even greater. The ideal is the other shore,the reality is this shore,and only by marrying up ideal and reality can we sail from this shore to the other shore. The late premier Zhou Enlai said: “An ideal is necessary, as it is our direction of progress. Only when the reality is guided by an ideal can it become promising;On the other hand, an ideal can be realized only in realistic efforts.” Idealism and realism are the two basic forces of mankind’s progress. In all activities of mankind, these two forces are restraining each other and acting on each other, but a real great progress results from the combined action of the two great forces! Becoming “gods” together and mankind’s progress to immortals is just the maximum combination between idealism and realism!

 If we say that becoming “gods” is a great ideal,it is easier to be accepted by people, but it is hard to get it across when we talk about its feasibility. The most common mistake people make is:Their eyes are covered up by the past impracticality.

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