Mankind oath in USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center

 So long as we can dream,we can turn it true. Mankind’s oath engraved in the gate of USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center. Here it refers to Greatest Idealism VS Greatest Realism

 Hawthorne says: “Ideal is the master of the world.”

 For a ship without a definite course, wind from any direction is a dead wind. A person without ideal is just like one who has lost the way, he is not only in the dark about where to go and what to do tomorrow, but is also unclear about even what to do today. Deng Xiaoping thinks,in the “Four Cardinal Requirements for the New Generation”, the first is “Have an ideal”. It is so for an individual,and the same is true of the whole mankind. He Lin (an educator) points out: “The reason why mankind is different from animals and the reason why a great person is different from an ordinary person just lie in whether they have an ideal and whether the ideal is high or not.” Thus, it can be seen that the ideal is so important. In mankind’s ideal,an error as small as the breadth of a single hair can lead you a thousand miles astray. It is not most important whether a man works hard or not, but what is most terrible is losing the macro direction or going to the opposite direction. For us, a lofty ideal is never a dispensable ornament, but the soul of our life and the motive force of our life. That is why Doctoevckii (Russian writer) said: “Both in the case of mankind and in the case of a nation,without a lofty ideal,it cannot survive.”

 Mankind’s leap to immortals is the greatest and loftiest ideal of all the ideals of mankind. That means, all future “humans” will be able to become “gods”,enjoying an eternal life, being omniscient and omnipotent, being extremely kind and happy, and having the absolute freedom.

 Becoming “gods” is a dream characteristic of the Chinese nation. The “god of poetry” Li Bai once wrote: “I long for a five-colored rainbow,serving as a long bridge to Heaven. If gods love me, they will raise their hands to invite me”. Not only Li Bai was yearning for a god land, but uncountable Chinese were yearning for that obsessively, such as First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Qu Yuan, Cao Zhi, Chen Zi’ang, Li Mi, Li He, Su Shi and so on. The word “god” is an integration of all fine wishes and prospects of mankind. Mankind’s greatest sorrow lies in the shortness of life. Everyone is bound to die, and the soul will perish with the flesh. When a person has died, there is nothing left, just a mound of yellow soil in the mercy of rains and storms. But a “god” can live forever, transcending the finiteness and temporality of life, so as to be able to exist eternally, have eternal freedom and eternal joy.

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