Mengda Mountain Lake – natural preservation area with primeval natural forest

Mengda Mountain Lakenatural preservation area with primeval natural forest

Mengda is an area of primeval natural forest and belongs to a national level natural preservation area located in the northeast of Salar Autonomous County of Xunhua. The size of the forest area is 9,544ha and it is a small basin composed of high mountain, deep valley and mountain lake.

The climate here is moderate; the air is humid; the trees are quite big and the woods are very thick. Very tall pines and various broad-leaved trees can be seen every where. There are more than 500 species of plants in this area. Here is also the home of the three famous mountain flowers of China, i.e. fairy primrose, radix gentianae flower and azalea.

As one of the top three mountain lakes in China, Mengda Mountain Lake is surrounded by mountains and trees. Its area is about 300mu; the elevation of the water surface is 2,504m; the average water depth is about 15m. The lake water clear to the bottom, the blue sky and white cloud as well as green mountains and trees reflected in the lake, numerous fish and birds and slight waves forms a great attraction for tourists.

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