Mexican People Characteristics: Outstanding Aspects of Population of Mexico

Religiously, socially and culturally diverse, Mexican people are always ready to demonstrate their good will by offering their help to whoever may need it.



Mexican people are known for their kindness and hospitality. Descendants of the Aztecs and Mayas, they show great artistic skills as well as pride for their heritage.

Mexican people have very strong religious beliefs. The vast majority of the population practices Catholicism, another one of the cultural contributions from the Spaniards. Mexican people, however, have not forgotten their native Mayan and Aztec roots, and they have incorporated several of the ancient’s pagan deities and rituals into their local version of Catholicism. For this reason it is not uncommon to find, for instance, dark-skinned representations of several Christian saints.

Their sense of fashion is also derived from a combination of European and Native elements, which include European-like clothing dyed with loud colors, used by the Mayan Indians.

But maybe the most important characteristic of the Mexican people is their festive spirit. It may be hard to believe that people who have suffered so much along their history have such a strong celebration mood. Every single holiday, National, religious or local, has its celebration. The most famous of those celebrations are the Fiesta de Cinco de Mayo, the Novena or nine days before Christmas and the celebration of the Dia de la Independencia. The Dia de los Muertos is also an occasion for festivities.

The primary language Spoken by Mexican people is Spanish, brought to the region by Hernán Cortéz and his men when they arrived from Spain to conquer the land in the name of the Spanish Crown. However, more than sixty two different native languages are still spoken by several Mexican people, mainly in rural areas. This makes Mexico the most idiomatically diverse country in the entire world.

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