Milton cried in his Paradise Lost for Evolution

 Milton cried in his Paradise Lost: “Wake up, wake up, or else we shall sink without end!” Mankind,wake up, hurry!

 When mankind has really wakened, it will be aware of its direction: it is evolving into immortals. It is a great ideal without comparison,and meanwhile it is also a scientific prediction based on the dialectical materialism philosophy characterized by “not only believing the authorities, no only believing books and only believing the practice”, and resulting from modern science and technology and their development trends. Hence,it is both the greatest idealism and the greatest realism in the world, being a perfect combination between the greatest realism and the greatest idealism in the world! Such a perfect combination is awaiting the wise mankind to struggle for it!

 Everything can be changed. What cannot be achieved in ancient times does not represent an impossibility now;What we could not do yesterday may become a reality tomorrow. When mankind uses the past “impossibility” to restrict today’s actions, it means we are making the greatest tragedy for ourselves.

 The cabrilla died of hunger just by the rich food. It is the greatest tragedy of the cabrilla. Yet, when we have already possessed the ability to change our fate completely and evolve into immortals, but choose to perish, is it not our greatest tragedy?

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