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Mini Culture is a part of Mini Culture Group, a joint venture created by China’s leading agency.

And being a vital link in one of the largest media networks in the world, not only broadens our horizons but gives you a window on the world few other agencies can match.

About Us: Mini Culture History, Facts, Phylosophy and Team

Mini Culture understands better than anyone that creation has to work hard, and work now.

Once we were a solely design & publishing agency.

Today we are more broadly based with a diverse range of clients, but we have found no reason to alter the basic tenets upon which Mini Culture was built.

We believe the primary responsibility of an agency is to maximize the return on its clients’media investment.

If this sounds a little like good old fashioned accountability, it is. And this is what we offer our clients.

We have grown because we brought a new attitude and energy to media. We are results orientated. Our investment in the latest technology means our clients are able to respond faster and more cost effectively than their competitors to market changes.

For all clients we work to ring cash registers, shift opinions, change attitudes, increase market shares and lift staff morale. Our intent has always been to do more than just service the medianeeds of our clients. We believe in total involvement in building a client’s business.

We are committed to creating dynamic business partnerships which,in turn, will produce innovative, successful media in both the short and long term.

We will learn as much about your business as wecan. What produces, what doesn’t, who buys, who should buy.

We will work hard to build your ideas, sell your products and understand your consumers.

We make wide use of both quantitative and qualitative research in setting campaign objectives and strategies. And even after the media is running, we don’t stop questioning, refining and acting.

To see what the media has contributed to your business, we conduct regular strategy planning reviews where senior management and the best talent in the agencies are combined with your own team.

All aspects of major campaigns are put under the microscope, reviewed and critiqued.

We also believe in listening to the consumer and regularly commission studies to give us insights into how the consumers are thinking and where the market is heading.

Recent studies include “Fit and Proper” which showed the need for corporate image, “A Green Piece”on consumers’ attitudes to conservation and “They Won’t Be Right” a rather enlightening view of the consumers’ eyes.

In fact, you may be surprised to find we are one of the few agencies who genuinely listen. And respond.