Modeling School: Bikini Fashion Show vs Graduation Model Show

Modeling school girls have to make a graduation report show in sexy bikini swimwears before graduation, according to some newspaper. They have studied dress design for three years in a vocation school in Harbin.

Girl Models at Graduation Report Show

Girl Models at Graduation Report Show

Modeling School Girls Must Show Bikinis Before Graduation

Modeling School Girl in Bikini Swimwear

Modeling School Girl in Bikini Swimwear

Since Some of these girl students major model, it could be a unalterable principle for leaders of the school to examine them. However, I always feel uncomfortable for the graduation report show. Especially, the school girls was asked to wear sexy bikini swimwears like fashion models.

Modeling School Rule: Bikini Fashion Show vs. Graduation Report Show?

There are two things I have to point out.

First of all, modeling school students couldn’t wear only Sexy Bikinis when they are at school. If they only learn wearing bikinis, they will not need professional training at all. They might become more professional if they learn to walk like models in any other forms of dresses.

Modeling School Student in Sexy Bikini Swimwears

Modeling School student in Sexy Bikini Swimwears

Secondly, graduation is solemn and significant. However, as we can see from the pictures, there are only two male teachers present at the graducation report show by the school girls. The two referees are too few. How can they judge which girl is good and which one is bad? So weird.

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