Most Popular Actress in Asia

 Most Popular Actress in Asia – Korean Barbie – Han Chae Young

The place belongs to Korean Barbie – Han Chae Young when her official website in China (Chae Young Fighting!) has more than 111 thousand members. Now, this website has to pause register due to too many members to control. Besides Han Chae Young, Chae Yeon is in the second place with 100 thousand fans.

Not only on her official website in China, Han Chae Young is also the Korean actress who has the most forums in this large Chinese community. Han Chae Young’s second big forum in China (not her official forum here) (Union of people who love Han Chae Young) also has 60 thousand members, a number which other famous actresses’ official websites can hardly reach. So we can see that even official websites of many hot and famous actors in China nowadays such as Huyn Bin (nearly 100 thousand members), or Lee Dong Wook (80 thousand members), Lee Jun Ki (more than 50 thousand members) don’t stand a chance.

Han Chae Young was known in China through her part as Shin Ae in Autumn Love Story, and later in Beijing My Love. However, she became famous with the main role in drama Delightful Girl ChunHyang (the first production of Hong Sisters reached the rating 33% when aired on KBS in 2005, also has the same writers with My Girl, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong). The drama won many big awards, and in China, fans claimed it as “the classic among other classical Korean Dramas in 2005”. Her role as Chun Hyang becomes the role model for fans to look up to, even though Delightful Girl ChunHyang hasn’t been officially aired on any television station in China.

wow that is surprising. HCY is beautiful though.

wow didnt know han chae young had so many supporters in china.

and oppa Lee Dong Wook has 80,000 members in his official site?! Thats good!

Glad to hear that both Chae’s are dominating China’s market!

never expected to be her though! but i have to agree, delightful girl chunhyang is really nice!

Guess her acting/dramas are well liked, is it me or is her nose seem kinda odd?

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