National Bank of China: Business Banking Solutions and Monopoly Electronic Banking Instructions

On the basis of 18 years’ electrolic banking (electronicalization) construction experience and the successful experiences of modern commercial banks, the National Bank of China performs the bank-wide data concentration project.

In the meantime, the bank actively updates the new generation of comprehensive business system, and strengthens the development of e-banking services, especially of online banking.

Business Banking Solutions and Monopoly Electronic Banking Instructions

Data center Centralization pattern is gradually established
Software development system is improving
Functions and management of network system are increasingly strengthened
Application of comprehensive business system is unified in the whole bank
Innovation of online bank and other financial services are accelerated
Production and operation management is further strengthened
Electronic infrastructures are more solid.
Technology team is constantly growing.

As a result, the new technological system is established, and the innovation of banking business speeded up, and the intensive management of business operation realized. Furthermore, its difference with overseas modern commercial banks is stably decreased in electronicalization construction, and the electronicalization of NBC is kept at the highest level in domestic commercial banks.

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