Origin and History of Tai Chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements

Origin and History of tai chi: Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements

Creator of Tai Chi’s early technique, Chen Yuting firstly brought out the term of “Zhukao” in his posthumous work “General Songs of Quan Jing (Boxing Skills) referring to two persons depending on each other with hands and arms, “Crossing” means repeatedly drawing circles. Xu Yusheng said in “Figures of Tai Chi’s Trend and jointing point of Tai Chi and Yi Xiang”: Yin and Yang Fish Figure may explain Yin and Yang, truth and false, concave and protruding, advance and retreat when hold the two hands. Chen Xin, the first one who had systematically summarized Chen Style Tai Chi Technique said that: “The ancient drew a big circle and named it as Tai Chi”.

Tai Chi was characterized as “On one hand hard and on the other hand soft combining movement and serenity, just like the recycled conversion. “Its Qi circulates without gaps”, “Viewing the image of practicer, there exist circles up and down sides and four sides. So I can say that: Tai Chi was a simple circle” (“Early Technique Table of Lectures of Tai Chi Books ”).

For the reason that the movement of drawing circles was like twining, so Chen Xin said that: was “Tai Chi was twining skill also.” (Ditto). So “Chen Style Tai Chi” written by Gu Liuxin and Shen Jiazhen recorded that: “The spiral twining of Tai Chi was origin of the name of Tai Chi”. Namely, early denomination of Tai Chi was from comparison of circled movement with the circled figure of Tai Chi and circled Yin and Yang circulation (Refers to Figure 9).

Figure 9  Diagram of Yin and Yang’s Conversion (Sorry, the figure cannot be posted here to prevent copying or republishing, for more details contact iflove.com)

Denominating with comparison on Tai Chi Figures with circled and crossed movements (Written by Edward Chen)

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