Pink Light Walk and Breast Cancer: Raising awareness of breast cancer

Pink Light Walk: More than 175 people join ‘West End Pink Light Walk’. Jennifer Kratz, 11, of Jonas listens to Dora Arnold, a breast cancer survivor, during the fifth annual Pink Light Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness Thursday evening. More than 175 people participated in the annual event.

GILBERT — The message was simple but important: Prevention and early detection are the keys to saving lives for women fighting breast cancer.

That message was delivered to more than 175 people who took part in the fifth annual “West End Pink Light Walk,” a march to raise awareness of breast cancer on Thursday.

“Please get your mammograms and do self checkups,” said Dora Arnold, a breast cancer survivor who spoke at the march about her battle with the illness.

“Join the army of women working to help fight this disease,” she said.

Arnold, wife of Pleasant Valley School District Superintendant Doug Arnold, described her fight with cancer in the winter of 2004, saying it was tough but the ordeal made her stronger.

“I couldn’t wait for 2004 to be over,” Arnold said. “I went through chemotherapy, after that I felt tough.”

October is breast cancer awareness month. The Pink Light Walk was organized to bolster efforts to inform women about the importance of self-exams and doctor visits in early detection.

The event was also to honor survivors of the disease. The walk began and ended at American Legion Hall 927 on Route 209 in Gilbert, where event organizer Hope Smith had survivors raise their hands and be recognized.

“We honor you,” Smith said. “Your stories will help and your experiences will help.”

During the walk, supporters held battery-powered pink candles to help “light up the night.” The walk moved down Route 209 and back up Fairground Road as fire police from the West End Fire Company halted traffic.

Another Pink Light Walk will be held on the East Stroudsburg University campus Oct. 16 at 5:30, starting at the Keystone room.

Thank you, now that story will get everyones attention, cancer is a killer, and men, don’t think you are left out. Cancer can hit anyone. Gilbert !! Every single house on Gilbert Road has a person who had cancer-some survived and some passed on.- what are the chances of that?One entire street-every family.The only thing all had in common was all properties adjoined the Herfurth pig slaughter house.or are in 1/10th of a mile proximity.Air quality-Water-? Should be investigated by the Poc Rec – that story would go on for years and years..So many people – just so many, what a shame.

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