Plastic Surgery Instructions: Skin Grafts Types and Plastic Surgery Techniques

Plastic surgery helps to mold and reshape all types of physical deformities. The first plastic surgery was performed in India by Sushruta in 6th Century B.C. Plastic surgery became less painful with the application of general and local anesthetic.

Different Types of Skin Grafts

Skin grafts and auto grafts are some of the common surgical methods of plastic surgery. Some of the other surgical procedures are allografts, xenografts, synthetic compounds and cultured sheets of epithelial cells. Now, what are skin grafts? They involve the transplantation of living skin tissue. Autografts are skin grafts which are taken from the body of the recipient.

Plastic surgeons use alternative methods of surgery when they are deficit of natural tissue. Allografts are skin grafts which are taken from a donor belonging to the same species, as that of the recipient. Xenografts are skin grafts which are taken from a donor belonging to a different species. Other substitutes are synthetic compounds which consist of a dermal layer composed of silicon and bovine tendon collagen.

Plastic Surgery Techniques

Some of the common techniques involved in plastic surgery are incision, excision, electrosurgery, microsurgery, dermabrasion, chemosurgery, liposuction and laser surgery.

Re constructive plastic surgery involves the correction of deformed physical features that have been caused by burns, skin infections, congenital abnormalities, injuries involving deformation of the facial bone structure, abnormalities in physical development and removal of cancerous developments. Re constructive plastic surgery improves the functioning capability of the body.

Re constructive Plastic Surgery

Some of the common re constructive plastic surgeries are breast reconstruction, contracture surgery for removing scalds and burns, palate surgery and cleft lip surgery. Re constructive plastic surgery also helps to remove mucosa defects.

Plastic surgery yields good results when the incisions are made so as to coordinate with the natural folds of the skin. It also involves correct suturing and appropriate method of closing wounds.

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