Qi Gong Exercise Guide: How to Practice Qigong


qigong exercise picture

qigong exercise picture

Qi Gong exercise benefits health. It makes you look younger, and add many healthy years to your life. It also increases your sexual performance and sends sensation to your partner that he or she never dreamed existed.

The term, qigong, pronounced “chee gung,” is comprised of two Chinese characters. Qi is energy that is in all reality. Gong is skill from committed practice. Qigong is a system of martial, medical and spiritual practices. Qigong forms are generally classified as Wu (Shamanic), Classical and Contemporary Qigong. Posture is the common element to all qigong practices. tai chi is a form of Qigong movement.

Step 1
Perform Wu Xing Fa, a Shamanic Qigong practice. Wu Xing Fa or Five Element Qigong. The. five elements are movement, breathing, concentration, and relaxation, and attitude. Just move. To increase energy, make large and vigorous movements. Make movements smooth. Breathe and concentrate deeply and practice regularly.

Step 2

Practice Standing Meditation (Yi Quan Zhan Zhuang), a Classical Qigong form. Over time, students train in the fundamental Qigong postures. Students learn the basics of breathing practice, standing as meditation, and establishing bodily strength. Standing meditation is a cornerstone Qigong practice.

Step 3
Integrate movement with the Contemporary Qigong practice, Eight Silken Movements (Ba Duan Jin). Practitioners learn to make the eight movements of Qigong form as fluidly as gently flowing water. This practice imparts a silken quality to one’s energy and physical being.

Step 4
Learn Tai Chi. Tai Chi’s graceful movements promote physical strength. Concentration and breath are aligned with the body’s movements to create a holistic integration of mind, body and spirit.

Step 5
Relax. Without relaxation, the body, mind and spirit cannot thrive. With sustained stress and pressure, one’s whole being becomes depleted and suffers to the point of illness. Practice any of a number of forms of meditation. Find the still center that resides in every person. Connect and recharge.

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