Qianqinggong, Qing Dynasty Emperor’s Bedroom

Qianqinggong (Palace of Celestial Purity). This was the emperor and empress’ bedroom in Ming and Qing Dynasty, but also used for day-to-day administration and meeting foreign envoys during Qing Dynasty.

乾清宮 明時代の皇帝・皇后の寝る部屋。清時代に寝る部屋以外に、政事処理、外国大使の接待にも用いられていた。

Chieng Ching Kung (il Palazzo dell’Esterna Purezza)
La camera da letto degli imperatori e imperatrici. Nella Dinastia Ching, fu usata da sistemare gli affari politici e ricevere gli ambasciatori esteri.

Le Palais de la Pureté céleste (Qianqinggong)  Chambre des empereurs et impératrices des Ming. A la dynastie des Qing, les empereurs y traitaient aussi des affaires d’Etat et recevaient des envoyés étrangers.

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