Quitting School Resolutely and Surprising the World Suddenly

Reading is Wang Xiaoping’s greatest pleasure. According to her father’s recollection, Xiaoping began to know how to read as early as the age of one. By the age of 3, she could read some fairy tales independently. Becoming literate so early destined Xiaoping’s love of books. In primary school, Wang Xiaoping showed a special love for reading extracurricular books, and she read much more than others. Under the precondition of not affecting the normal school work, her parents also encouraged her to read more extracurricular books.Wang Xiaoping told the reporter, at that time, she already felt what she learned from outside the school was much more than what she learned in school. Whenever the teacher told something outside the school, her classmates felt it was very interesting, but she had already known it, and moreover, she often told stories to her classmates. She even had a feeling: in some interesting things, what the teacher told was not as complete as she knew. Besides, the school only taught a dozen books or so in one semester, but she could read at least scores of books in one month. In the final examination of the first semester of the first year of junior high school, Wang Xiaoping was the first-place winner in the class, and her total score was 70 points higher than the second-place winner. In the winter vacation, her mother took her to Beidaihe to join a seminar for intelligence exploitation. Famous educative reformer Wei Shusheng gave a report to the parents. Wei Shusheng said, he not only taught Chinese lessons to two classes, worked as a class advisor for two classes, but also worked as the Party secretary and principal of the school. Meanwhile, he did all kinds of part-time jobs in the society, and attended all kinds of meetings and so on. However, the school record of his classes was not affected at all. Wei Shusheng’s teaching method was like this: He handed out the next semester’s textbooks at the end of the semester, let the pupils use the vacation to prepare lessons, and test them as soon as the new semester begins. As a result, the test scores should be no lower than those of the senior pupils! What Wei Shusheng did was just to cultivate his pupils’ self-learning ability.

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