Regong Arts – Deployment of Holy Water

Tongren is called Regong in Tibetan language. In the 14th and 15th century, Tibetan Buddhism was transmitted into Tongren area, and peoples of Tibetan and Han nationalities from the Upper and Lower Wutun, Nianduhu, Duosairi, Guomari, Tuojia and other natural villages around Zuolongwu Town start painting, sculpture and stone carving mainly for religious services, called Regong Arts, which came in line with the merging of  Lamaism, the increasing expansion of temple building and decorations.

Regong Arts is a kind of painting and figure sculpture made with strong colors mainly on religious themes and an important art school with unique features in the Buddhism arts field of Qinghai Region. Regon Arts is numerous in styles, with super craftsmanship, mainly including painting, relief sculpture, embossed embroidery, stone carving, wood carving and building decorations with high art values.

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