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Different View of San Francisco: Visit Bernal Height and Glen Canyon

For a very different Glen Park tour, walk downhill (east) on Bosworth Street from the BART station, then left on Mission Street to St. Mary’s Avenue. SAN FRANCISCO — As fires raged downtown after the 1906 earthquake, residents of this city fled to two nearby districts to the south, Bernal Heights and Glen Park. Though part of San Francisco, both areas looked more like countryside then, with open ranchland, vineyards and orchards, dirt roads and wetlands, and a few houses. The windswept peaks above Glen Park were called Little Switzerland.

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Short-term Travel in a Gingerbread Pennsylvania village

Never mind a gingerbread house – a gingerbread village is on display at Nemacolin in southwestern Pennsylvania. More than a half-dozen gingerbread structures are on display.

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Costa Rica Three Travel Ways: The Countryside Luxury, Adventure and Eco-tourism

Costa Rica, which once promised to be a hot spot for vacation homes. Think of Costa Rica as a Rorschach test for travelers. Outlined on a map, it has no recognizable shape. But enclosed in tropical lines of latitude, with appropriate squiggles for mountains, coasts and interior borders, it’s an inkblot for projecting travel fantasies. Beach lovers trace the craggy coasts and see hammocks swinging in the sunset breeze. The eyes of the nature-minded glaze when they note all the national parks. And adrenaline fanatics fixate on the mountains and rivers.

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